Quant Infinity Solutions AG with legal domicile in Zurich has been a member of SRO PolyReg since 10.10.2017 and is therefore authorized to act as a financial intermediary in the sense of Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Money Laundering Act.

SRO PolyReg regulates the member in its capacity as a recognized self-regulatory organization according to Article 24 of the Money Laundering Act. For a list of recognized self-regulatory organisations (SROs) please visit the Website of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

The authenticity of this information can be verified online at http://www.polyreg.ch/e/mitgliedschaft/echtheit.html or with a smartphone using the QR-code.

Quant Infinity specializes in research and development of quantitative strategies for asset management (a type of algorithmic trading).

The company provides its quantitative investment strategies to banks, hedge funds, financial companies and large corporations across the globe. A hedge fund (or any investment company) resales the strategy to its clients as a financial product under its own trademark.

The minimum investment sum and other terms for clients are set by the fund under its own discretion. The strategy manages assets of the fund and its clients on the fund’s brokerage account. Quant Infinity doesn’t have access to money withdrawal or any other operations except trades.

The asset manager of the fund can monitor all transactions online, receive daily brokerage reports and stop the trades at any moment. Companies from different fields across the globe also use the strategies developed by Quant Infinity to manage its own assets (proprietary trading). Money remains on brokerage account of the company. The brokerage account can be opened at any large international broker.

The account remains under full control of the company. Quant Infinity has access to perform only trade operations.