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Quantitative Investment Solutions

Quant Infinity Solutions AG is an award-winning Swiss fintech that combines sophisticated quantitative strategies and a team of diverse human talent for superior risk-adjusted performance…


Our model

We have built a multi-disciplined approach to investing through our actively managed funds and technology enabled tailor-made portfolios.

You can either invest in one of our quantitative strategies 

Or opt for a portfolio solution via our wealth management service

We provide the modern investor with tailor-made solutions that combine tech with a human touch. This is a hybrid investment approach that offers the best of both worlds – solutions powered by sophisticated quantitative techniques, and the minds of an extraordinary team of humans whose number one priority is your profit.

We offer full asset management services to institutions, HNWI’s, and Family offices, as well as access to our quantitative strategies and tech-enabled portfolio optimisation.

Quantitative Strategies

Tim Rawlins
Head of Quant Solutions
Tim Rawlins

Our quantitative trading model has been providing uncorrelated, superior returns for more than 10 years.

The ART Strategy is a short term, managed futures, algorithmic investment approach. Over 9,000 algorithms were created to identify short term trends in futures prices and then automatically submit orders to trade those trends. The technology is applied to 80 different liquid futures contracts, across all asset classes, on 16 different exchanges worldwide.

The ART strategy takes a faculty approach to investing. Rather than one theory or one discipline, the ART strategy combines many theories, creating the broadest possible model for the price movements of the underlying futures contract. This approach was developed over 10 years of live trading experience and we have found that it generates alpha in most market environments.

Our research team is made up of PhD-level quantitative analysts who have, between them, written thousands of individual algorithms. These algos generate trading signals for liquid futures contracts across all asset classes and are synchronised together using a proprietary, artificial intelligence central control system.

The model starts with the understanding that there are many factors that influence the price of a tradable security. By identifying as many of these factors as possible we can invest in opportunities where we have a high degree of confidence in a positive outcome. Our model identifies these opportunities and automatically generates live market orders to either open or close a futures position.

Wealth Management

Evgeny Zakharov
Head of Wealth Management
Evgeny Zakharov

Quant Infinity Solutions offers a comprehensive range of wealth management services to clients, including portfolio construction and rebalancing.

We apply our pioneering approach in the field of quantitative investment to portfolio management. Using a combination of sophisticated algorithms and the extensive experience of our investment professionals we achieve greater risk-adjusted portfolio performance.

Our team selects a diverse range of promising securities which we then feed into the model. The model weights each asset according to our proprietary AI technology in order to maximise the expected return for a given level of acceptable volatility.



Innovation and entrepreneurship are core aspects of our company’s culture. We provide AI-powered algorithmic trading solutions enhanced by human expertise, using our own, custom-developed algorithms to look for liquid portfolios and uncorrelated instruments, enabling solutions that identify market inefficiencies and produce uncorrelated results.


The core of a successful quantitative investment process is a culture of meticulous analysis and scientific research, backed by a solid risk monitoring infrastructure. Our systematic quantitative strategies have been refined over decades of scientific research and market testing, with real people controlling the algorithms

Investment approach

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Our team, coming from a diverse range of backgrounds work together to develop tools, identify and mitigate risks, and investigate new possibilities. Research, analysis and discussion is centred around our formal decision-making body, the investment committee


Why choose us?

Everything we do is focused on achieving the best outcome for our clients

Our approach is to gain a deep understanding of each investor’s needs, expectations and risk profile. No one portfolio or index fits all. Clients are central to our drive for optimal solutions.

Experienced professionals with world-class artificial intelligence technology

We are a state-of-the-art firm backed by decades of experience. We offer clients personalized, quant-driven solutions that, until now, have only been accessible to institutional clients. We are committed to making these services more readily available to everyone, with a mission to democratize the wealth management industry as a whole.

We are a team of real people with a mission to drive transparency and democratisation in the world of investing

We have a refined investment philosophy guiding our investment process, going beyond the ups and downs of market trends. Customers can trust that there is deep thinking ingrained in our core philosophy: A philosophy that is time-tested and endures through both market and geo-political volatility.

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Zugerstrasse 76a, 6340 Baar, Switzerland

Zugerstrasse 76a, 6340 Baar, Switzerland