Our Experience

Over 15 years in product development for financial companies, 10 years of which were spent successfully developing and installing automated trading systems.

Main Asset

A continuously evolving systematic approach. Every month our system analyses huge volumes of data for the optimisation of its algorithms, that is comparable with 50 bln years. We have developed over 8000 bots which trade on 18 of the worlds most liquid exchanges.

Our Team

We have a team of 50 people that includes 20 quantitative analysts and programmers (8 with PhDs), 5 in risk management and 25 in operations and back-office administration. The average tenure at the company is 6 years.


Growth of server capacity. Further application of quantitative methods of analysis for market research. Launch of our first algorithmic trading system, operating in 7 international markets with 24 futures.


Increasing trading capacity, increasing the number of tools used, exchanges traded, and operational trading algorithms. Algorithms now trading across 16 exchanges with 62 financial instruments. Start of first white-labeled projects in Western Europe.


Development and commissioning of several new programs and services for the maintenance and support of algorithmic trading systems and overall risk management. Optimising trading strategies and increasing the speed of calculations by over 3000 times. Strategy featured in the top 10 of the Barclay Hedge ranking. B2B function is improved upon, and new partners onboarded.


One of our strategies is featured in Top 5 in two nominations by Barclay Managed Funds Report and Top 10 in EurekaHedge report. Server capacity and speed is enhanced. Deeper and more granular historical data is added to mathematical models used in the creation of statistically significant return generating bots.


One of our strategies is ranked Top 3 for compounded annual return for 3 years ending in December 2020 subject to the Barclay Hedge Report. Swiss licensed asset manager mandate is acquired. Followed by the launch of more conservative risk profile funds, and a robo-advisory service (« arty ») in 2021.

Our B2C Model

We offer a wide range of services to our investors.

Receive structured and regularly rebalancing advice from our Robo-Advisor Arty. Opt for different risk exposures and advisory options. Take advantage of our technological infrastructure to better allocate your investments.

ART Funds

Invest in our selection of fully systematic quantitative funds. The Adjusted Risk Technology (ART) is our most advanced risk managing technology. We trade across numerous uncorrelated asset groups and contracts. Our strategy is historically uncorrelated to any widely known benchmarks, proving it to be market neutral in its core.

Tailored Strategy

For more complex situations, you will be able to speak to our team located in Zurich, Switzerland. An experienced team of professionals will offer you discretionary investment advice and the ability to make use of our computing software to backtest allocations and efficiently hedge your portfolio.

Our B2B Model

Our success depends on your success and therefore we follow a very straightforward
business model which is based on performance.
No upfront costs

There is nothing to pay for on the initial stage. You take fully developed and tested software product and use it for your business as long as you want. All fees for setup and implementation, support, customization, etc. are free of charge.

Based on performance

You pay based on positive performance and only when you make a profit first. This serves as a guarantee that we remain highly motivated and interested only in the development of solutions which meet your requirements and needs.

Fully white-labeled

You can feature our quantitative technology in your offering or partner with us to create your own product under your own brand as part of your investment product offering to your clients. We handle all the technical issues while you concentrate on developing your business.