Key Idea:

We welcome not only clients but partners who have an active interest, and are motivated by the rapidly growing field of quantitative finance. Our Program offers a range of cooperative opportunities for individuals, wealth managers, and fin-tech platforms.

The mission of the company is to democratise access to technologically advanced investment strategies. We seek to get rid of the exclusivity of sophisticated investment products, by offering low barrier to entry, highly competitive algorithmic trading software.

Since 2011 our vision has been to eliminate the human provisions or “prophecies” still present in wealth management. We do not sell the insight or forecasting of our traders. Instead we choose to continuously rebalance our portfolio to hedge against any idiosyncratic risks, while lowering our market risk exposure, by allocating between uncorrelated instruments and asset groups in an effective way.

Our adaptive risk technology (ART) is the byproduct of high accuracy software and quantitative systems that we have developed over the course of many years. The mathematical models and machine learning techniques we use do not seek to predict the future, rather combine a large set of short term positions, each with above zero expectations of returns. This method is called assembling, and is the approach used by some of the biggest quantitative hedge funds in the world, and significantly outperforms leading discretionary managers.

By becoming an Affiliate you or your organisation will be in direct contact with the company and its mission. Your thoughts and questions will be tended to, and you will become a partner of the company and benefit from its growth.

For Individuals/Entities:

We offer access to our networks and knowledge. Grow your assets with the company, by becoming our distributor.

Standard Affiliate: For each introduction made to the firm, you are entitled to attend all meetings and discussions that follow, and participate in the resulting profits.

Premium Affiliate: Feature on our site as a brand “Ambassador”. This is open to long time partners and time invested individuals, who share our goals and values.

For Wealth Advisors:

We offer our networks and knowledge enabling you to provide personalised fund services to your clients. Gain access to closed funds and strategies, made and tailored to the investment profiles of your clients. A personalised approach to fund investing made available for our long lasting corporate partners.

For Platforms:

Feature our quantitative technology in your investment offering. We are remunerated on performance only, and incur no upfront costs. Our technology is modified to suit your goals and needs.

We invite you to become a part of QUANT INFINITY